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Is the title given to this portal dedicated to exposing facts, as well as to putting the pieces of the puzzle together about what has been one of the most devastating crimes throughout history and still occurring today: child sexual abuse, the use of children as a free labor source, illegal adoptions, child trafficking for illicit purposes like selling their organs and prostitution, child pornography and many other abuses committed to the innocent ones.

What is most devastating is that this type of human exploitation stems from the fatal mixture of Religion & Governments, which have failed to respond effectively in supporting the victims and bringing the abusers to justice for the just fact that they are under the support of the Vatican. The orchestrated action of these two has led to a long history of abuse and neglect against humanity, righteousness and justice to the people of all nations. Imagine the impact this has had on the lives of these children who were not only stolen from their homelands, but also taken from the care and love of those who were supposed to protect them and give them shelter, education and respect as human beings.

AN APOLOGY IS NOT ENOUGH! In the name of all the victims worldwide, The Protect your Children Foundation and "Growing in Grace International Ministry", we demand bringing to justice for all of the horrendous acts committed by religion and the governments who must give count for all the abuse and neglect.

The Vatican through its evil nursing practices responsible for the abuse, torture and murder of thousands of children

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Nuns founded hospitals and nursing practices - click here to see pictures

Do some research and you will quickly find that behind that the nursing practice is the corrupt Catholic Church through its evil nurses, while hospitals across the United States and Canada quickly spread as a result of their baby trafficking schemes, stealing babies from unwed mothers...

Visit: and you will see the clear history of nursing, which began in 1633, founded by the corrupt Sisters (or Daughters) of Charity, the so-called “Servants of the Sick Poor” by Sts. Vincent de Paul and Louise de Merillac. The sisters then went on to to assume charge of a hospital at Angers, France in 1640. Then, long and behold!  In 1645 - Jeanne Mance establishes North America's first hospital, l'Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal!

But who is Jeanne Mance?

Well, she was the daughter of Catherine Émonot and Charles Mance, a prosecutor for the king in Langres, an important diocese in the northern Burgundy. Mance was a member of the Society of Our Lady of Montreal whose aim was to convert the natives and found a hospital in Montreal like the one in France (

To make a long story short, Jeanne Mance died after a long illness and was buried in the church of the Hôtel-Dieu in 1673. While the church and her house were destroyed in 1696, her work was carried on by the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph, with the three nuns recruited by Mance acting as hospital administrators.

Yes, the nuns took on the position as hospital administrators - the very sisters who around the same time began springing residential schools in Canada, Ireland and Australia where they were responsible for the abuse, torture and murder of thousands of children (See:

Two centuries later (1861) the hospital was moved to the foot of Mount Royal. And, remember, the above stated references the fact that the Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph carried on Mance’s work…but the question is…who are they?

The Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph (also known as Réligieuses hospitalières de Saint-Joseph) was a religious order founded in La Fleche, France by Jerome le Royer de la Dauversiere and Marie de la Ferre. Le Royer helped administer the "Maison Dieu" in the village and was inspired to found an order to “care for the sick poor”.  Yes, isn’t that the famous motto that the corrupt organization known as the Catholic Church has always used to deceive and commit crimes?

But to keep things very simple, let’s get right down to it.

The Sisters of Charity of Montreal, The Sisters of Providence of Montreal, The Grey Nuns, The Little Franciscans of Mary, The Sisters of Mercy, The Sisters of Good Shepherd, not only ran education plus all orphanages, hospitals & psychiatric hospitals in the Province of Quebec, but they run all of the biggest Hospitals throughout Canada and throughout the United States having “Mother-Baby Houses” everywhere (See the book: Gone to an Aunt’s by Anne Petrie). These mother-baby homes were also well established in Mexico throughout South America, Japan and the entire planet.

The Sisters of Charity of Montreal & The Grey Nuns are one and the same, the evil Vatican.

Let’s take a look at the facts.

The Sisters of Providence in the United States, clearly that they still rake in between $6 to 9 BILLION dollars a year, their Mother House is in Massachusetts, U.S. and the main House in Quebec.
But that’s not all, The Grey Nuns of Montreal owned (Hold on to your hats!) one of the biggest fleet of ships: The Canada Steamship Lines!

They sold the fleet of ships to Joseph James Martin Sr. who was Minister of Heath of Canada in 1948, who then left this Heritage to his son Paul Martin who just a few years ago was the Prime Minister of Canada!

Yes, you read this correctly,

His father Joseph James dealt directly with The Sisters of Providence in the Duplessis Orphans case, where 100,000 children in Catholic orphanages were tortured and used in human experiments and many died. They forked out the money to change an orphanage over night to a psychiatric hospital and, overnight, normal children were falsely labeled mentally retarded. To-date the criminals have never been held accountable and the Catholics continue to function with immunity.

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