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Is the title given to this portal dedicated to exposing facts, as well as to putting the pieces of the puzzle together about what has been one of the most devastating crimes throughout history and still occurring today: child sexual abuse, the use of children as a free labor source, illegal adoptions, child trafficking for illicit purposes like selling their organs and prostitution, child pornography and many other abuses committed to the innocent ones.

What is most devastating is that this type of human exploitation stems from the fatal mixture of Religion & Governments, which have failed to respond effectively in supporting the victims and bringing the abusers to justice for the just fact that they are under the support of the Vatican. The orchestrated action of these two has led to a long history of abuse and neglect against humanity, righteousness and justice to the people of all nations. Imagine the impact this has had on the lives of these children who were not only stolen from their homelands, but also taken from the care and love of those who were supposed to protect them and give them shelter, education and respect as human beings.

AN APOLOGY IS NOT ENOUGH! In the name of all the victims worldwide, The Protect your Children Foundation and "Growing in Grace International Ministry", we demand bringing to justice for all of the horrendous acts committed by religion and the governments who must give count for all the abuse and neglect.

Single Mothers manipulated by the Catholic Church to give up their babies so they could sell them off for adoptions

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The true and evil nature of the Catholic Church is being exposed worldwide and their long track history of baby snatching, child trafficking is being made known worldwide.

There is an interesting book called "Gone to an Aunt's" by Anne Petrie that clearly illustrates how unmarried pregnant women were made to feel ashamed for being pregnant outside of wedlock. Petrie tells a first-hand story of 6 women that were forced to live through this.

These religious maternity homes were rigid, the women had to hide, the institutions were very secretive and the women were forced to give up their names (just like the nuns forced women to do the same the corrupt "Magdalene Laundries") - all so that they wouldnt find out they were part of an organized crime scheme. Throughout their stay in these maternity homes, the nuns would manipulate them into wanting to give up their babies, telling them it was a "way into heaven" or that the children were "bastards" and if they really loved them, they would give them up.

The nuns made astronomical profits from the following sources of income:
1) The funds received from the gov't for each woman they housed
2) The funds received from companies that sponsored these homes
3) The funds received from some homes that charged per stay or meal
4) The funds received from the sale of each baby sold in adoption
5) The funds received from each child placed in catholic orphanages, receiving govt funds from each baby per day.
6) The funds received from the men they tracked down and forced to pay for the stay of the woman they impregnated
7) The funds saved for the upkeeping of these homes since the women were forced to work, clean freely, and to earn their stay. In many cases, the women had to do the laundry of the catholic hospitals that were normally built beside these secretive homes were the pregnant girls were hidden.

The Protect Your Children Foundation is exposing this organized crime and dishonest gains generated by religion in making women feel ashamed as they were falsely told they were "sinners" and a "shame to society", when the Bible clearly states that sin was removed once and forever by God's sacrifice on the cross. Throughout history, they have used this excuse to take money away from people, filling their pockets with dishonest gains.

The Protect Your Children Foundation invites you to take a look at the organized crime schemes orchestrated by the Catholic Church:





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