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What is most devastating is that this type of human exploitation stems from the fatal mixture of Religion & Governments, which have failed to respond effectively in supporting the victims and bringing the abusers to justice for the just fact that they are under the support of the Vatican. The orchestrated action of these two has led to a long history of abuse and neglect against humanity, righteousness and justice to the people of all nations. Imagine the impact this has had on the lives of these children who were not only stolen from their homelands, but also taken from the care and love of those who were supposed to protect them and give them shelter, education and respect as human beings.

AN APOLOGY IS NOT ENOUGH! In the name of all the victims worldwide, The Protect your Children Foundation and "Growing in Grace International Ministry", we demand bringing to justice for all of the horrendous acts committed by religion and the governments who must give count for all the abuse and neglect.

Holland: Suspicious deaths of children at catholic-run mental institution might be another scheme implemented by criminal church

Friday, 4 November 2011

This news report certainly reminds us a lot of the Duplessis Orphans of Montreal Canada where 100,000 children were falsely called "orphans" - so that the Catholic could generate profits by having them in "case", then the kids were deemed "insane" by the catholic mental institution since they realized they could get higher fed funds per day per child if they had a mental institution versus an orphanage. The children were then used for human experiments, mind control experiments and many were murdered. Now, in the other side of the world, in Holland, the Catholic Church is under investigation for the mysterious high mortality rate in the mental institution around the same time horrific experiments were being committed in the other side of the world, where many children also died.

It's only a matter of time before the world finds the truth behind this evil organization known as the Catholic Church and the organized crime schemes they have implemented worldwide:

Some important facts about this video report:

The Dutch Public Prosecutor's Office is investigating the cases of 34 mentally disabled youngsters who died whilst in the care of Roman Catholic clergy at the St Joseph care home in the southern province of Limburg at the beginning of the 1950s.
However, it has now also come to light that 40 girls at another Catholic home in the same town, Heel, also died in the period 1952 - 1954. In the case of these deaths, at the St Anna´s home for mentally disabled women, the girls were all aged 12 or younger, whilst the boys who died at St Joseph's were between 11 and 18.
No cause of death

The report about the deaths of the girls came from provincial broadcaster L1, which obtained the relevant figures from the municipal authorities under whose authority Heel now falls. The information does not include the exact causes of death.

A spokesperson for the municipality says "Many people believe the local council is notified of the cause of death. That isn't always so. Sometimes there's a report from a medical pathologist or a doctor, but in those days that kind of material was only kept for two years."

So far the Public Prosecutor's Office says it will not be launching a separate investigation into the seemingly high number of deaths at the girls' home. It says the information needs to be examined against the background of other information. The girls' home had, for example, twice the number of inmates as the boys' home, which could possibly explain the higher figure.

Abuse by clergy

The investigation into what actually happened at St Joseph's was prompted by information provided by the commission investigating abuses committed by Roman Catholic clergy. The Deetman commission -- named after its head, former government minister Wim Deetman -- sought access to the records of the boys' home, which no longer exists, and discovered the unusually high death rate for the years in question.
Mr Deetman said: "There was silence when this came up in the commission. A certain despondency. All kinds of things go through your mind. What could have happened? Then you realize you can't answer that question. It's important that we find out what did happen, but perhaps we'll never know."
The Deetman commission has not raised any questions, so far, about the deaths at the girls' home.


Relatives of boys who died at the home in Heel claim the Roman Catholic church has kept quiet about these cases for years. Some questions were raised by family members when some of the boys died at the home, but they normally met with a wall of silence. The diocese of Roermond, which encompasses Heel and the entire province of Limburg, has welcomed the launch of an investigation by the Public Prosecutor's Office.

A spokesperson for the diocese was unable to explain why nothing happened in the past when relatives asked questions: "We talking about the 1950s. A totally different era [...] I can only say that the Dutch bishops are in favour of [...] openness, and this is a good example of that. It was prompted by abuse, and we open up the archives for that."

However, even if the enquiries do show that crimes were committed at the care home(s), no one will face prosecution because the deeds in question would fall under the Dutch statute of limitations. In other words, they took place too long ago for prosecution to take place under the Dutch criminal code. Nonetheless, given the social impact of the entire Roman Catholic abuse scandal, the Public Prosecutor's Office wants to find out exactly what did happen at St Joseph's in the 1950s.

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