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Is the title given to this portal dedicated to exposing facts, as well as to putting the pieces of the puzzle together about what has been one of the most devastating crimes throughout history and still occurring today: child sexual abuse, the use of children as a free labor source, illegal adoptions, child trafficking for illicit purposes like selling their organs and prostitution, child pornography and many other abuses committed to the innocent ones.

What is most devastating is that this type of human exploitation stems from the fatal mixture of Religion & Governments, which have failed to respond effectively in supporting the victims and bringing the abusers to justice for the just fact that they are under the support of the Vatican. The orchestrated action of these two has led to a long history of abuse and neglect against humanity, righteousness and justice to the people of all nations. Imagine the impact this has had on the lives of these children who were not only stolen from their homelands, but also taken from the care and love of those who were supposed to protect them and give them shelter, education and respect as human beings.

AN APOLOGY IS NOT ENOUGH! In the name of all the victims worldwide, The Protect your Children Foundation and "Growing in Grace International Ministry", we demand bringing to justice for all of the horrendous acts committed by religion and the governments who must give count for all the abuse and neglect.

Baby Trafficking carried by Catholic Church in Australia

Saturday, 5 November 2011

The world is learning about the baby trafficking scheme put in place by the Catholic Church worldwide.

The Catholic nuns found a profitable business in making unwed mothers feel like sinners for getting pregnant out of wedlock and forced them to give up their babies unto adoption for a so-called "better life" or for "forgiveness". Innocent women believed the lies of the nuns and were made to feel very guilty and selfish or evil if they wanted to keep their child, making them feel like this was in the best interest of the child, just so that they could take the child and make astronomical profits in selling them into adoption. So much so, that the Catholic nuns started making a great business by creating mother-baby homes everywhere, offering shelter to pregnant unwed mothers with the mission of taking their baby. They would give them shelter and even hide them during the length of their pregnancy because in this manner, they would receive money from the government per woman, also some corporations donated money to these houses, and in cases they even went after the father of the child and asked them to pay for the woman's stay. In other cases, if the woman did not give up their baby, the catholic nuns would simply drug them and steal the baby, and tell the mother that the baby had been stillborn.
As time went on, the nuns were no longer the ones to council these women, "case workers" started springing up and they too would force the women to give up their child for adoption. The Church and State work hand in hand to cover up crimes against humanity for profit.

This is how Mercy hospitals started spring up worldwide and other catholic hospitals around the world - from the astronomical profits that the Catholic Nuns were generating from hiding the unwed mothers, opening up orphanages and receiving government funds per baby, and the sale of babies into adoption.

As the Catholic Church tries to hide their tracks, you will see that in the 60's, 70's, 80's they started changing the names of these Catholic hospitals into "General" Hospitals of cities. But look into their history and most of the hospitals have been started by a nun and as a Maternity Hospital - and now you know why.

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The sisters of mercy - who were responsible for torturing over 30,000 women in Ireland in Magdalene Laundries - are being exposed further, this time in Australia.
Over 150,000 women were drugged, and nuns either forced into giving up their babies for adoptions or the babies were stolen.
This same baby trafficking scheme and evil adoption scheme was put in place by the Sisters of Mercy and other Catholic Nun orders across the world, including Ireland, USA, Canada, Spain and more.

Sorry is NOT enough! The systematic baby trafficking scheme put in place by the Catholic Church worldwide as a means of generating astronomical profits is finally being exposed.

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